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Chunky Chicken Adult


Chunky Chicken for the meat chewer in your pet family, with whole chunks of chicken breast cold marinated in fresh fruit & vegetables, this meal will be gone in a woof.

Please ensure your Dog has a good supply of fresh drinking water when feeding.

Moisture: 65.3%| Protein: 15.3% |
15.59 % | Ash: 3% | Crude Fibre: 0.4%

Sold in 1kg

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Chunky chicken Adult Working dog:

Natures Chunky Chicken Adult contains 72% Chicken breast meat, 10% mix of ox liver, ox heart, & ox kidney. With 18% fruit and vegetables makes this complete & balanced meal full of vitamins, minerals, Essential fatty acids, amino acids, & packed with proteins.

Ingredients in this meal include: carrot, broccoli, butternut squash, spinach, apples, brewers yeast, spirulina, chia seeds, kelp, flax seed oil.

All Meat, bones, & where possible vegetables used by Natures Pet Foods are responsibly Sourced from DEFRA registered Farms in the UK.

All ingredients used to hand make our delicious meals is fit for Human Consumption.

Once Thawed keep refrigerated use within 3 days.


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